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Cannot access Website Preferences in Sandbox Business Account

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What is going on with the business sandbox accounts??  There is absolutely no way to set the auto return URL and test Payment Data Transfer because you have a broken link inside of the Website Payments Page -> Website Preferences.  The link is supposed to go to where you can actually setup your return url and also turn on PDT for testing.  Unfortunately this just continuously redirects to  This is a pretty big issue and it is mind blowing that no one has even brought this up.  


There is an old article where a user was having the issue and the solution was to go the following url but unfortunately that redirects to the loginsecurity page as well.  This is a major blocker and not allowing us to test PDT before turning it live on our website.  Please fix this problem as it is a major burden but apparently I'm the only one on the planet that has brought this up within the last year.  

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