Illegal character in path at index 31: file:/C:/apps/Java/Paypal/lib/${console.classpath}

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I am using a application with coldfusion 2021 and Java 11. When i try to upload an image in application, i am getting this error" coldfusion.jsp.CompilationFailedException: Errors reported by Java compiler: error: error reading C:\apps\Java\Paypal\lib\paypal_console.jar; Illegal character in path at index 31: file:/C:/apps/Java/Paypal/lib/${console.classpath}"
But when i use Coldfusion 2016 and Java 8 , i am able to upload image.
The above error is coming only when we update to CF 2021 and Java 11. Do i need to update any paypal SDK's for newer version of coldfusion. Please suggest. Thank you

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