Best Way To Integrate PayPal In A C# Website?

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Hi all,


I've integrated a PayPal payment flow in a C# website, using the Checkout-NET-SDK.


It successfully creates an order and then captures payment for it.


This SDK supposedly works with the V2 API. The docs say that the 'Payer' property is deprecated, and asks to please use 'PaymentSource', instead.


Why is the Payer property even on the V2 API, then?


Even though I'd expect this SDK to be up to date on stuff like this, it returns a Payer property, but not a PaymentSource. The latter isn't even defined on the object.


My code:


OrdersCaptureRequest request = new OrdersCaptureRequest(orderID);
request.RequestBody(new OrderActionRequest());
HttpResponse response = await client().Execute(request);
HttpStatusCode statusCode = response.StatusCode;
Order order = response.Result<Order>();


I know the Check-NET-SDK is archived and therefore likely deprecated. But it also says that you can continue to use it.


The other C# SDK, PayPal-NET-SDK, is also archived and therefore likely deprecated.


It seems like there isn't any officially supported PayPal SDK for C# anymore, or am I missing something?


The documentation doesn't clarify these things clearly enough, IMO.


There's a very knowledgeable and helpful fellow on StackOverflow, by the name of "Preston PHX". He says that we are expected to manually fumble together our own requests, these days. In other words: we are to build our own SDKs, now.


I can hardly believe it. Is this true?


What's good advice on the best practices for integrating PayPal in a C# website, nowadays?

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