How to set shipping_preference: 'SET_PROVIDED_ADDRESS' to NO_ADDRESS?

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Hello. I need help with this, I'm selling digital and I don't need the buyer's address. However, everytime I try to check out I receive this message:


[UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY] The requested action could not be performed, semantically incorrect, or failed business validation.


I need to change shipping_preference: 'SET_PROVIDED_ADDRESS' to NO_ADDRESS 


How can I edit the shipping_preference? Thank you

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Any solutions?

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In case anyone found this unresolved issue and has the same problem:


The API Documentation seems to be off.

If you provide an Address like this its working:


purchase_units: [{ ........... shipping: { address: { "address_line_1": "<removed>", "address_line_2": "<removed>", "admin_area_2": "San Francisco", "admin_area_1": "CA", "postal_code": "<removed>", "country_code": "US" }, }, }]


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Il parametro corretto è:

shipping_preference: 'NO_SHIPPING'

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Good day @emykka@Linovy / @AE00,


Thank you for posting to the PayPal community.


Merchants should be able to handle shipping address details using the "shipping_preference" field in the Orders API request call. 


I would suggest to please contact your website developer or the support of third party eCommerce and pass the "NO_SHIPPING" value under "shipping_preference" in your Create Order API call "". 


For reference: 


"payment_source": {

    "paypal": {

      "experience_context": {

        "payment_method_preference": "IMMEDIATE_PAYMENT_REQUIRED",

        "payment_method_selected": "PAYPAL",

        "brand_name": "EXAMPLE INC",

        "locale": "en-US",

        "landing_page": "LOGIN",

        "shipping_preference": "NO_SHIPPING",

        "user_action": "PAY_NOW",

        "return_url": "",

        "cancel_url": ""




Guide links -  





PayPal/Braintree MTS


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