How do I really activate the Live Payout API on my business account


Please, I have integrated the PayPal Payout API on my account but would like to activate the PayPal live Payout API on my PayPal business account.

I have emailed PayPal support countless times on activating live Payout on my account and I've not been receiving any response from support. And I feel disappointed with PayPal customer support.


I have even tried reaching out to PayPal support on @AskPaypal on Twitter, but all the customer support did was point me back to an old article which really provides no useful link or information on activating live Payout on my account.


The options I keep finding is to contact my account manager (non-us merchant); But I'm not sure I even have one. So, I have been emailing customer support instead.


I hate that I have to go through this much stress just to fix such trivial issue.


I'm posting in the PayPal community as a last resort and I would very much appreciate a response this time, or I might just be considering using another Payment service for the same purpose. Cause I'm really stressed out with PayPal support.


Thanks for your time. Have a great day!

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anyone know how to do this? Is PayPal just a joke company these days?

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