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Can I just charge a credit card via REST API only, without authorization URL

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I am working with the REST API in Delphi.  I can interact with the various APIs without a problem.  My question has to do with the payment flow.


What I want to do is use the REST API to capture a charge without the end user having to go the the Paypal authroization URL themselves (i.e.  I just want to take the users name and credit card data from a Windows app and submit it for capture to the REST API


Right now, I am getting my access token, creating an order, and trying to approve/capture the order but I keep getting the message 'ORDER_NOT_APPROVED'.


So, is it possible with the PayPal API to just take the buyers name and card information, and turn that into a captured purchase, with no outside intervention?  If so, can you provide the flow, or an example?


Note: I don't have an SDK for Delphi, so I am making the REST calls manually, and succesfully.


Thanks in advance

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