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PayPal Business MasterCard Stolen And Used..


PayPal Business MasterCard Stolen And Used..

My paypal debit mastercard was stolen and before I could report it as stolen, a transaction was made. There is an unauthorized charge on my behalf for $107 with a pending status. If my card was cancelled and deactivated, as I am going to receive a new one, will that stop that payment from being charged? 

PayPal Employee

Re: PayPal Business MasterCard Stolen And Used..

Hi @theconartist


Thank you for your patience. Though our response times may be delayed, be assured we’re here. 


If you report a lost or stolen card, your existing card will be cancelled at that time in order to avoid unauthorized charges.


Here's a link to report unauthorized charges on your Paypal Business Debit Mastercard:


Hope this helps. Please stay safe. 

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