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PayPay business debit card application

Dear PayPal Community, I have a matter with the application of the PayPal business debit card: I have just to confirm my residential address with my proof of address, but everytime I select my pdf with the proof of address I receive an email in which...

Mattiaa by Contributor
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MasterCard id check fail

Hi everyone So last month I tried to pay an invoice from a supplier that I’ve been paying the same way for 4 years, PayPal business debit card. He invoices me via world pay and the amounts vary between 450 and 1500 per transaction. Normally I had to ...

Expired Paypal Debit card

Hello ... my paypal debit card has expired and it is not listed on my summary page to send a replacement card.  I don't see where I can email Paypal to have them send me a new card.  Please help

nlattif by Contributor
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paypal card

How do I get my PayPal debit card ordered and sent to me in the mail.  When I click on the get credit card. It says We can't up date your account. It says unable to make the request update and that I can still use my PayPal account to shop send money...