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I can't generate a PayPal Cash bar code on my PayPal Business account.


Re: Green dot barcode not working

any word yet when it's going to be back up?


Add Cash Feature Gone

Since Feb 24th, the "Add Cash" to a Paypal account feature no longer works. When you try to use the Add Cash link, such as to generate a bar code to add cash to your Paypal account at a store like CVS, the link errors out with a "Oops, sorry..." text. Adding cash directly to a Paypal account in this method is a useful option for those that either don't have or simply don't want to link a bank account to their Paypal account.

Calling Paypal customer service today has been awful. I've talked to several CSRs who have absolutely no clue what is going on, one I had to explain their own process of adding cash to an account outside of a linked bank account. When I asked to speak to someone higher up on the chain, I was left on hold for almost an hour and was eventually told "I don't know what the reason for the problem is, we've received many calls about it and we are working on it but no timeframe when it will be resolved."

I think it's terrible customer service that Paypal doesn't even bother to at least have some kind of explanation of a several day old problem either as an alert in the Paypal account messages box or for their phone CSRs to at least trot out to answer complaints. If they've severed ties with Green Dot which one CSR vaguely hinted at, they could at least do customers the courtesy of telling us the Add Cash feature is no longer an option.


Re: Add Cash Feature Gone

You'd think they'd come out and admit what was going on just so people would stop bombarding their phone lines. I just don't understand their PR posture.


Re: Add Cash Feature Gone

I just sent them an email about this asking when it will be fixed.


Workaround For ADD CASH Problem

Going on a week, Paypal customers still cannot use the "Add Cash" feature on the website page.  If you have a mobile device, and have or can setup the Paypal app on the device, you will likely be able to still use this feature.


I can confirm that as of March 2nd, 2018, at least Paypal members can (still) add funds to their account using the "Add Cash" feature via the standard Paypal Mobile application (NOT the Paypal Business, Paypal Here or Paypal Prepaid apps).  It worked for me on an older Samsung Galaxy 6 phone using the Paypal (for Android OS) app.  You do NOT have to link a bank account to your PP account for this to work.


Obviously you need a phone and access to the Apple or Google Play Store on that device to download and install the free Paypal app.  The first time you use the app, you may have to change certain permissions on your security settings for the app to work.


Warning, if you want to use the app say, on a one time basis and want the app off your phone for whatever reason, you *must* uninstall it while logged on the Apple or Google store and manually uninstalling from the store's "My Apps" window (at least on the Google Play Store).  Otherwise it will still show as installed even if you no longer see it on your device's own app window.




How to add money to your PayPal account using the PayPal Mobile App (iPhone, Google or Android app):


To add money to your account via the "Add Cash" feature, open the App, log in and on your account's main page where it says "Manage Balance with the available amount in your account on the right, click on the right point arrow.


This takes you to the next page/window which has two options at the bottom of the screen, Add Money or Transfer To Bank.  Click on the "Add Money" link.


This brings up a pull-up tab at the bottom of the screen that gives you the option of either "Adding Cash At A Store" or "Add From A Bank."


Click on Add Cash From A Store" which leads to another screen page which gives you the options and fees for stores that service this option (usually CVS, 7-Eleven and Rite Aid).  Select whichever store you want to choose to personally add cash to your account and the next screen should be a generated one-time-use full screen bar code.  You may need to turn your phone's screen brightness all the way up for a barcode scanner to read the barcode.  I did not bother trying to print the barcode via my wireless connection to my home printer so I can't say if that is doable or not.


Keep this barcode window open on your phone, show it to the clerk at the store who should be able to scan it at which point you give the person up to $500 to reload into your Paypal Account.  It generally takes up to 30 minutes for the new funds to show up in your account balance.  It took me about 10 minutes to see my new balance.  Keep your store receipt just in the rare case there's any issues with the money not showing up in your account.


It goes without saying, anyone who doesn't have a mobile device, or only access to their account through a PC, laptop, etc is still out of luck when it comes to adding funds through a store.


Re: Workaround For ADD CASH Problem

It WORKS!!  Thank you!  I've been messing with this for a couple days and getting the error on the website.  I tried the app but couldn't see how to generate a bar code without seeing your directions!  You rock!


Re: Workaround For ADD CASH Problem

Thank you very much for the info. I was able to generate the bar code through the app! 


Re: Add Cash Feature Gone

I too have been trying for a week to print a barcode for the add money at a store option.Thanks for saving me wasting my time calling as I'm sure thousands of others have done.This is a prime example of corporate America at work,they don't give a **bleep** about their customers !!! I don't have a damn cell phone because I'm on a fixed income and can't afford it so I can't use that option !


Add cash to PayPal account

Has anyone else experienced a problem adding cash to their account using the PayPal Cash add money at a store option. Instead of forwarding me to the retailer selection page, it says "Oops, something has gone wrong. Refresh your add money page". It continually cycles this message. Help!
New Community Member

Unable to add cash from retail store.

I noticed that when I go to add cash at my local riteaid, i got a message saying something went wrong and to try reloading the page. Nothing has gotten it working, would this be an issue at paypal or greendot? was really hoping to add some cash today and do some shopping while i have the time.