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Credit Card purchase using PayPal


Credit Card purchase using PayPal

I purchased an item online through a site that uses PayPal services. My credit card was charged by PayPal. I received 2 receipt emails for the 1 purchase. I have not received any shipment information from the seller, even after sending 2 enquiry emails. I did not connect my PayPal account to the transaction because PayPal has been 100% unreliable for the many years I've had this or any other PayPal account. There is no transaction history in my PayPal account to create a 'job number'. I will go through my credit card company to get funds reliably returned. However, before I do that, how do I contact PayPal to query the sellers legitimacy, or notify PayPal if they are operating illegally? I don't want to cancel the order or the card.
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Re: Credit Card purchase using PayPal



You can open a PP dispute on the transaction by messaging PayPal with the receipt ID number from the PayPal payment email with in 180 days from date of payment, requesting an Item Not Received dispute to be opened, otherwise just dispute through your credit card. Its difficult enough to reach customer service for problems already but just to "query the sellers legitimacy, or notify PayPal if they are operating illegally" is not worth the time. They may tell you they can't tell from the information they have or just say they're okay, or can't say anything for security reasons. At best they can tell you they are verified but that is not indicative of good merchant or not. Merchants should respond to customers asap, imho.

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