Illegal holding of funds for retail sales


So, I shop grocery delivery at Walmart. I spend $100.95 on December 2nd to be delivered December 3rd. I use my PayPal MasterCard debit, and PayPal pends for $$100.95 on my account. (Actually, they reduce my available cash balance by that amount). So far so good. On the 3rd, Walmart sends email stating they are out of a couple of large items, and I will not be charged for those, and my adjusted bill is $59.30. The account is still pending for $100.95 at this point because Walmart hasn’t claimed the money (they have 5 days according to multiple PayPal representatives). December 5th Walmart claims the $59.30 and this is reflected in PayPal as a completed transaction for that transaction number. The pending $100.95 transaction disappears, but the difference of $41.65 is not released back to my cash balance.  I call PayPal and they tell me I need to wait 5 business days which will be 7 total days to receive my money back.  I forgot to mention that I shop delivery and pickup at Walmart for the last 3 years using my paypal MasterCard debit, and there is always something Walmart is out of so the amount they claim to settle the bill is always less, and PayPal has NEVER held the difference before now. Plus, they have the money, because it came out of my cash balance and not my bank acvount this time.  Basically, my money is not available until December 12th from an order I placed on December 2nd and that completed on December 5th to both my and Walmart’s satisfaction. Talked to 4 agents and nobody could give an explanation  just said I couldn’t have it, it’s always done this way when they can look at my weekly Walmart shopping using the same PayPal payment method and see that’s not true, one claimed that when he does Walmart delivery they do the same—informed him that not only do they not have Walmart delivery in the Philippines, but they don’t have Walmart in the Philippines. Of course he changed his story to when he visits family in the USA he uses delivery (anything to prove the customer wrong), so PayPal has no right to these funds. They admitted that only one amount of money can be claimed per transaction number, so it’s not like Walmart can come back later and ask for more money without a new transaction taking place. Need a class action suit. I’m not a bank to lend PayPal money, and if I were I would expect interest.

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