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PayPal won't let customer pay with a card without setting up an account

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A customer who doesn't have a PP account is trying to pay for a service with their credit card. I have sent them an invoice.


When they click the link it goes to PP, and shows them they can pay with their card. However, when they enter their card info, it pushes them to set up an account. The system even grabs the info and pre-fills out the account. That's when they aborted the transaction.


Has PP changed its policy? It used to be easy for someone to pay if they didn't have or want a PP account.


I don't want my customers to have a negative experience. Is there a way around this?




PayPal won't let customer pay with a card without setting up an account


Hi @mister_sunshine,


Thank you for your post!


I do understand your concern with this. There can be a few reasons that your customers may be experiencing issues checking out as a guest.


In some cases, PayPal will only allow you to use a card a certain amount of times on PayPal as a guest before it will prompt you to create or use your PayPal account. Also, if the system picks up that your customer has a PayPal account, it may urge them to log in.


I would recommend them to clear their cache and cookies or using an alternative browser to try and check out again as a guest. The system should not pick up that they have an account if your cache and cookies are cleared or if they are using an alternative browser. 


I hope this helps!


- Rachel 

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