QR code without PayPal app opens generic PayPal website

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I generated a QR code from my account (well, it was just there) to enable people to Donate to our organization.  The code works for people who have the PayPal app setup on their phone.

But if they don't have the app, the QR code launches their browser to this generic page 



Of course, the user can then download and setup the app or create a PayPal account, etc and then scan the code again to get to our account.


If they don't want to download the app, they could login to PayPal, if they have an account, on their mobile browser.  But the link no longer has a reference to our account.  The user then gives up and no payment is made because it's too much work for them to use PayPal.


How can I generate a QR code that works for both user personas - with PayPal app and without PayPal app?

Today on our website we have a PayPal Donate button that opens up a user experience with two options:

1. login to your PayPal account and donate to our org

2. don't login, but use your credit card


Why can't the QR code, when there is no app, launch the same user experience that we have today on our website?  It's already responsive so should work in iOS Safari, etc.  I know you want people to download the PayPal app, but it create a bad user experience for my donors where I am not sure I want to use the QR code.



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