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Changing Pay in 3 Payment method

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I recently had to cancel my debit card due to payments appearing on my statement that I had not made - however, this card was linked to my current Pay in 3 contract that I have going for some items I bought. It is refusing to let me change my payment method for the Pay in 3, and keeps charging me for late repayment. I am frustrated and disappointed - the link I followed on the help page was a dead end. I would ideally like to solve this before I have large debt. 


Changing Pay in 3 Payment method


Hello @whizabella,


Welcome to the PayPal Community! I'm sorry to hear you're running into some issues updating the payment method for your Pay in 3 transaction. You can normally change your payment method by logging into your PayPal account, going to PayPal Pay in 3, and selecting the PayPal Pay in 3 plan you want to change. There, you can click Change under Payment Method to update your information or choose a new way to pay. 


I hope that helps!


 - Jon K

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