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I've had my PayPal business account for about a year.  Shortly after opening my account, I applied and recieved my PayPal Business Debit Mastercard.  Everything has been working great with it.  On March 27th, I was preparing to board a flight and received 4 notifications that my card was used 4 separate times to withdraw $100 each time, even though my only card was sitting in my pocket with me in the airport.  I immediate locked my card and contact PayPal.  They cancelled my card and issued a replacement, and after some back and forth, they refunded the money as well.  I received an email that my replacement shipped on 3/31 and would received it within 10 days.  I could see the card in my PayPal account, the last 4 digits, and a message telling me to activate it as soon as I got it.  As of 4/11, I hadn't recieved the replacement, so I contacted PayPal.  They said it should have arrived by the 3rd, and that since I hadn't recieved it, they'd cancel it and issue another replacement.  Upon trying to issue the replacement, I was told the application was denied, most likely due to cancelling an unreceived card and applying again in the same day (which, didn't make sense, but I let it go) and was told to try again in 24 hours.  24 hours later, I'm told it's still denied, that it's being flagged by security in their system and denying the application, yet, no one could tell me why or what the flag was, that there's no department to talk to regarding this, and that basically I was SOL, and if I wanted, I could keep trying and hope that it eventually goes through.

My question is this - has anyone else ever faced this issue, and if so, were you able to rectify it?  If you were, what did you need to do to fix it?  It's extremely frustrating that I don't have access to my business funds as I previously did without either having to wait up to 3 days for the funds to transfer to my account, or pay an exorbitant fee to instantly transfer the funds to a bank account.

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Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you’ve experienced for getting a new card. If you are approved, it usually takes 10 business days to receive your PayPal Business Debit MasterCard in the mail. As your application got denied, you can reapply after 30 days. You can also reach out to our team to get a clarification on repeated denials of your application for a new card and the contact options can be found here

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