2fa sms, without authenticator app, using Having trouble logging in?

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When I try to pay with paypal the flow after the paypal popup is as follows:

1. enter username and password.

2. Is asked for 2fa with the authenticator app, that I set up previously but is locked unto a now defunct phone.

2.5 So I click the option "Having trouble logging in?"

3. I get redirected to enter my username and password once more.

4. I am asked once more to provide the 2fa code from the authenticator app.

4.5 clicking "Having trouble logging in?"

5. Is asked to confirm my phone number.

6. Get an sms and a box to enter said number.

7. Is redirected to transfer funds page of paypal.


7. is clearly wrong since this should let me confirm the payment I got the popup to confirm.

I believe the issue is already happening at step 3. Since I have the distinct feeling that paypal fails somewhere and just brings me to the regular login prompt at this point.


However closing down the paypal window and returning to the merchant payment tab and clicking pay with paypal once more, now I am appearantly already logged in to paypal and paypal just asks me to confirm that my credit card is correct.


But this is severely annoying and needs to be fixed. I know it worked once upon a time, but stopped working maybe a year or so ago.

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