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Pending transaction

New Community Member

Pending transaction

I made my deposit payment in PayPal. The money was taken from my bank account. But it still says pending and the landlord has not been able to access it. It's been five days.
PayPal Employee

Re: Pending transaction

Hi @Brittanyann0306

Thank you for raising your concern through our community forum.

Pending payments will be in the "Unclaimed" status, meaning that the recipient hasn't received or accepted it.

There are a few reasons why your payment might be pending.
1. The recipient hasn’t signed up for a PayPal account yet.
2. You sent money to an email address or phone number that the recipient hasn’t added to their PayPal account. As soon as they add this information to their account, they will receive your payment.
3. The recipient is still deciding whether they want to accept your payment.
4. The recipient hasn't confirmed their bank account.

If your payment is unclaimed/pending for 30 days or your payment was denied or refunded, you’ll get your money back.

Otherwise, if the above information isn't your case, it's possible that the payment is processed as an eCheck and we're waiting for the bank to clear the payment before it gets credited to the recipient's account.

Hope they already have the funds available by now.

Stay safe!