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Can't spend my available balance

New Community Member

Can't spend my available balance

I can't spend my available balance. I have linked a debit card. I tried checking out out on Ebay using Pay pal, and my debit linked to pay pal. I have also tried to just transfer money to the card. Additionally I have tried to just send me a damn check. All to no avail. Granted it is a new account, But nothing is working. It was sent to me on a Saturday. Is it because it is a new account or the weekend. What the hell?. I'll never use this service again.

New Community Member

Re: Can't spend my available balance

Well, my account is old, it is verified and normally I have no problem using it to buy things in my local area, including merchants. All of a sudden, like this weekend, my card is declined everywhere. There must be something else wrong. 

GRRRRR. It's going to snow and now I can't buy food!