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This recipient is currently unable to receive money.

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My friends have sent me payment for a gift. Initially, I received an email saying that they have sent me the payment not realizing that i have not confirmed my email and therefore need to confirm their payment. Today those payments got cancelled and when they tried to pay me again They received the error message "sorry this recepient can't receive payments at the moment". I then went to my seller tools options and changed my payment receiving preferences to "Yes, accept and convert them to U.S. Dollars. and "o, allow multiple payments per invoice ID". However, the same problem still occurs, and when I pressed my own profile in the "make payment" tab I got the error message "This recipient is currently unable to receive money." I have checked that my country is able to receive payment, what can I do?


This recipient is currently unable to receive money.

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The option to 'receive' paypal payments is sadly not available in Cambodia.
You can only 'send' payments for purchases.

Paypal varies a lot country to country and can only offer the services that the banks / governments of that country allow it to offer.
There are quite a few countries unable to receive paypal payments.

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