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Unsure how to resolve "Error 10548" using Gravity Forms


Unsure how to resolve "Error 10548" using Gravity Forms

Hello — I'm attempting to connect Gravity Forms (using PayPal Payments Pro add-on) and a PayPal account to accept donations through a WordPress site on behalf of a client.


I believe this is a business account with Pro Payments enabled but the account creation process predates me so I'm not 100% I have that correct. There does appear to be a $30 monthly PayPal charge, if that helps.


I do have login credentials to the PayPal account itself. I was able to obtain API credentials (Tools > API Credentials) that work in sandbox mode. Transactions fully work in sandbox mode.


The same credentials work in Live Mode (green checkboxes are present) but when I attempt to run a $5 transaction I get: "Error 10548 - This transaction cannot be processed. The merchant's account is not able to process transactions."


Just not sure where to turn to next. I've seen other forum posts mention turning Payments Pro off and on again and that fixing the issue.


I can provide the Merchant Account ID, if needed.


Thanks in advance.


- Eric