We couldn’t get you some features but you're all set to use PayPal


I signed up for a PayPal business account yesterday and submitted all the required documentation to them. And now I tried to connect this to my website to receive payment from my customers around the world. I am using Gravity Form and connecting paypal with gravity form but when I click on connect to PayPal button pop up and says "We couldn’t get you some features but you're all set to use PayPal" I am not sure if something is due on my head or something needs to setup before we connect PayPal to my site. Please help. 

For a better understanding please see the below error screenshot. 


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I would suggest to please contact our PayPal Customer service via link -  https://www.paypal.com/smarthelp/contact-us (then choose at the bottom one of the contact methods - email or phone) who should be able to help you regarding the request.


They will be able to assist you further as they are specially trained to address this type of account inquiry.




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