How do I get data back from PayPal once the transaction is complete?

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When my client pays via PayPal. How do I receive that the payment was complete and how much they paid on my web page other than looking it up on the PayPal website? 

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Yes, you can able to achieve this requirement using the payment notifications service

I request to please contact your website developer or the support of third party eCommerce platform to refer below guide links to implement payment notification service. 

  • If your website is built via NVP/SOAP API integration, please use the Instant Payment Notification(IPN) service to get the payment notifications.

           Guide link - 


  • If your website is built via REST API integration, please use Webhooks event notification to get the payment notifications.

             Guide link - 

You can retrieve the transaction payload from the PayPal notification service and update your internal database. 




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