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Accounting issues with paypal

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If I do not have enough money in my paypal account it takes money from linked Credit card. On my credit card statement the transaction appears as PayPal *Merchantnickname. If I buy something on Ebay and I am not logged in or seller does not accept paypal, I would provide my credit card and on my credit card the transaction would appear in exactly the same way - PayPal*Merchantnickname. It is very confusing when you do books, because there is no way do distinguish if the transaction came from PayPal or it was just processed by PayPal.

When I do reconciliation of Paypal statement and Credit card statement I have much more transactions in my credit card because all paypal transactions and Ebay transactions processed by PayPal are labeled the same way : PayPal *Merchantnickname.


Is there anyway PayPal would label "Guest" transactions(in case seller does not accept paypal and I have to manually insert my credit card on Ebay) as PayPalGuest*Merhcantname?



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