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wordpress paypal plugin - "things don't appear to be working" error and transactions gets failed

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I'm trying to set paypal payment for my website on Wordpress and using a pluging called "Pay with Contact form 7". All goes well, I can put my credit card details there and proceed for the payment. But then everytime I receive this message that "Things don't appear to be working" and after follow many threads and forums where mostly I see to put off "Block non-encrypted website payment" but in my case it was already off. I don't know what to do, I have completed the business account setup with all green ticks to 1. confirmed your email 2. linked your bank account 3. confirmed your business name and I'm not sure what's "Lift Limits" as everytime I click that it asks me to link my bank account again which is already green ticked.


Anyways coming to the point, anybody please help me out with this it's my first time with the PayPal payment receiving and I don't know where I'm going wrong. I have also tried to do a message to Paypal but then there is no human support available as well as I don't find any customer care number from Dubai to dial them directly.


Thanks guys

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