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paypal card payment solution for website

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At the minute we have two payment solutions on our website, pay with paypal and paypal pro hosted for card payments. The issue we have with paypa pro hosted is that it doesn't ever leave the site and redirect back to the checkout page. This is important so our adwords management company can properly track conversions. 


I am aware that card payments can be made through the generic pay with paypal option however from experience we've found that it is more effective with two payment options. I am also very keep to keep paypal for both payment options so any transactions can be automatically imported to our accounting software which saves us a lot of time.


My question is: is there a paypal solution similar to paypal pro hosted that will allow me to take card payments through paypal and redirect customers back to the checkout page so these conversions can be properly tracked.


Any help on this issue will be very much appreciated.


Many thanks,



paypal card payment solution for website

PayPal Employee

Can you post a link to where we can see how its integrated?

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