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my paypal buttons are no longer available to edit, they still work so where have they gone

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I have several add to cart buttons active on my web site and all are working fine from a website point of view. I set my stock level to zero because I had to isolate due to the present covid situation and getting orders out was not an option at the time.


I now need to get back to normal and set my stock levels to their true values as well as add new stock but find I cannot access my saved buttons to edit them accordingly. It appears that all my buttons except two old unused ones have been deleted/disappeared, also it seems I can only access these two on the old classic site.


As I say my buttons are still active from my site but I am unable to edit them, I have ask for help in two other forum categories with no replies and I have contacted support, they have acknowledged  my contact but I have received no further contact from them my web site traffic has now dropped to zero and customers have stopped calling.


I can only receive payment via paypal at this time and have no other option than to use the paypal standard buttons via my self coded very basic website, I have used this system for some years now and have had very few problems but to be brutal if I dont get something sorted soon I will simply have to close up shop and forget the whole thing.


Any help I can get to resolve this would be very gratefully accepted.

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