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Wix store Cart payment not processing

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Hi guys


I recently integrated PayPal to my wix store inorder to process payments for orders made online.

The integration was done via WIX side integration wizard for my site


During testing, when i click Checkout with paypal on my site, the following happen:

1. "ship to" page is displayed briefly with no information displayed

2. Another page is displayed my merchant name at the top, cart total and user name

3.  Then "pay with" section is displayed almost to give me options but doesn't 

4. Page then display message "Securely logging you in"

5. Before failing with a message "We arent able to process your payment using your paypal account at the time. Please go back to the merchant and try using a different payment method"


I tried paying another merchant and it was successful.

The system is clearly skipping page where user enters ship to address and selects payment do i change this?


Is there something i need to look at on my merchant account.


Please help.

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