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Paypal Plus or Smart Payment Buttons

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I've been integrating payment for our new webshop using the smart payment buttons. Mostly it's been working out nicely. Now for going live we wanted to create a new Paypal business account and I noticed that there is yet another way to go which I originally assumed was identical to mine. Now this might be due to my own willingness to put much effort into looking through all the documentation once I found a way that worked or maybe the paypal integration documentation is at times confusing and too decentralized.


But I'm wondering: Is Paypal Plus the way to go or Paypal Smart Payment? What's the difference? Does it matter for our use case? Really some simple none-marketing, developer friendly overview of all the available ways to integrate Paypal on our website is severely lacking (Paypal plus, smart payment buttons, express checkout, braintree, different sdks and a REST api...)


Our goal, simply put, is to allow the customer to pay for our digital products with either Paypal, Creditcard or SEPA all through one payment provider. Like I said that's working out alright. We might to add complexity to the payment process in the future but for now that'll do. So, are smart payment buttons the "simpler" way? Can we switch to Paypal Pro along the way? And where is the nice little overview I mentioned earlier?



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