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Paypal Buttons SameSite cookie warning in Chrome

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I'm using Paypal Buttons (javascript sdk script tag) on my site and I've started seeing a warning today in Chrome v77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)that says




The PayPal buttons are vital for my site (most of my users use Chrome) so this has made me pretty nervous. Is there anything I need to do to remedy this, or is it something that has to be done on the Paypal development side? If so when / how do I get the update?




Paypal Buttons SameSite cookie warning in Chrome


I also see these Chrome browser warnings on my company's website. 


From my understanding, this would be on PayPal to ensure that they are sending their cross-site cookies in a 'new' manner (feel free to check this link out for some good information on the topic: ). 


I share your concern and nervousness as I really don't know how PayPal's controls will function after Chrome releases v80, which from what I've heard will be very early February 2020.


Is someone from PayPal able to confirm that there is no action required on our behalf as PayPal API consumers, and that PayPal will ensure that cross-site cookies will continue to function after the Chrome 80 release?


Thank you in advance!

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