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I can't show the Guest payment option even if I have enabled PayPal Account Option

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I am working on a project using a PayPal payment gateway. On this, I have enabled the 'guest checkout option' in my PayPal account for customers paying on my website. Since some of our customers don’t have a PayPal account for payment(Payment such as Recurring or One time). When paying through, it still asked to create an account.


Sometimes it is showing the option to pay by credit card without logging in to PayPal. I want to show always the PayPal screens that appear to have the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” option(Screenshot of sandbox environment is given below). How to achieve that?



As per my research, I have found that we need to ‘ON’ the option ‘PayPal account optional’ in my PayPal Business account. I already changed it to ‘ON’. But still showing the same.


Any help would be appreciable. Thank You!


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