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How a Programmer Receive Donations

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Hi! I am a sole developer and want to have a donation button linked to my paypal account so as when ever a person uses my service or my program which are free of cost and want to help me in the development of that product by donating me as much as they can. So can you help me with that that how can I make donation button and link it with my account.


I tried Googling but nothing happens. I am from India.




How a Programmer Receive Donations

PayPal Employee
You can create these through you PayPal account interface and just copy and paste the code into your website: Or you can code it using the sample here as a base: To link it to your account you just need to set the "business" variable in the HTML form to your PayPal account email address.

How a Programmer Receive Donations

PayPal Employee

Hi bhavshashank,


Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting.


If your PayPal account is registered in India there are certain things that you will need to do in order to receive money. You will find details on what these are here .


Once your account is set up to receive payments you can add a donation button. Here's how .


I hope this helps.


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