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What happened to the donate checkout page

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Hi All,


I have a basic donate button on my site. Clicking it used to take donors to a checkout page where they could enter the amount of their donation and check a box if they wanted to make it monthly.


This process has been replaced with a popup/modal-ish sort of thing that appears and asks the user to enter the amount, but does not include that little checkbox to make it monthly.


Not sure when this happened, but am wondering if there is any way to get my classic checkout page back?


Looks like I could use a subscribe button and do a lot of fiddling with it so it says "donate" and allows the user to enter their own amount, but then I need to have two buttons (one for single gifts and one for monthly) on my site instead of one.


Thanks for any advice!


What happened to the donate checkout page

PayPal Employee

Can you post the HTML code for the button please?

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