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EWP Setting

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Why would a website request I turn off EWP setting? Im trying to setup a golf outing and using a website that will allow people to pay to my PayPal account, but I have to turn off the Encrypted Website Payment setting in order to do this? Isnt this supposed to make the transaction secure? Why would I want to turn this off?


EWP Setting

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Are you manually creating your PayPal button codes?

“The EWP feature is only required to be used for manually created buttons.”

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

EWP Setting


Im not using a button I created, but a button on a site thats integrated with PayPal. This site is hosting our website. The already have the templates created, registrants click on buy now and it takes them to paypal to complete their purchase. The website says we have to turn the EWP setting off for this integration to work. 

EWP Setting

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Good day @kjydmd ,


Thank you for posting to the PayPal community.


By default, you accept payments from encrypted and unencrypted buttons. For additional security, you can prevent buyers from sending payments to you through unencrypted buttons.

After you change this setting, we reject payments from your buyers who click an unencrypted Buy Now button, an unencrypted Donation button, or an unencrypted Subscription button. This is when you see EWP_SETTINGS error message.

If you previously blocked payments from unencrypted buttons, here’s how to accept all payments:

Login > Settings  >  Account Settings > Website Payments > Website preferences > Encrypted website payments > Block non-encrypted website payment >> select “Off”. 

Once the above settings is turn "off", you will no longer receive the error message.


If your still facing any issues, please create a MTS ticket via - with the detail information and error details.




PayPal/Braintree MTS


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