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Confirmation Email Format

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Hi All,

I have a problem with a PayPal integration which I have no idea how to solve.


I have an existing e-commerce site which offers Paypal as a payment option (I think it is using Express checkout but not 100% sure). it's not a Paypal button, just a radio button on my checkout page.


I have a new version of the same site being built on a new e-commerce platform which will also offer PayPal as a payment option. The new platform is, I think, integrated using the new PayPal Commerce platform. I will not be processing credit card payments via PayPal on the new site, I'll just offer the express checkout functionality via a PayPal button.


My problem is the format of the confirmation emails being sent by PayPal following transactions on the new platform. I have attached 2 examples of PayPal confirmation emails,


paypal template 1.jpg is the existing site
paypal template 2.jpg is the new site


Here's the problem:

paypal template 1.jpgpaypal template 2.jpg

paypal template 1.jpg (as used by my existing site) is perfect.
paypal template 2. jpg (as used by the new site) uses the wrong data in the 'Payment to' field.


Instead of publishing the customer service contact details it publishes the main account login email.


The issue is, I don't want the login email published as it will confuse buyers. I know I could change the main login email but that would cause me other issues (too boring to go into here).


I have contacted my new developers who tell me there is absolutely nothing they can do as these emails come direct from PayPal and they have no control over them. I just can't understand how one site can send the correct email template and one site doesn't. Surely this must be part of the set-up process?


My question to you is:


Is there any way to choose which format confirmation email PayPal will send to buyers? If not, is there any way to configure which data gets published in the 'Payment to' field?

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