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Changing language from Chinese to English in Developer

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For some reason my son's paypal developer account, once signed in is in Chinese.  He is unable to read anything.  I have looked at my account(general account, not developer) and written down all the headings and have gone back to his account (with him) but have found their is no "gear icon" at the top right like there is for me.  We clicked onto the icon to the left of it but it doesn't come up the same as mine.  Unable to find the "language"  in order to change it to English.  We are guessing.   Any help will greatly be appreciated.  Unable to find a phone number for paypal and only computer generated messages have been sent to him in his email that instruct you to go to the "help" once you sign in.  The help is only for the community forum, email or send a text message.  Thank you for your help. 

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