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Access to PayPal blocked by blacklist when using PayPal button in a MailChimp email

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I sell concert tickets using PayPal buttons with links in the email format. They always work ok from our website and I also include them in Mailchimp emails that I send out. One customer is finding that she cannot use the links in the emails and gets a message about being blocked due to a blacklist. She can use the same links from our website without a problem. Her IP address is on a Spamhaus blacklist but I do not understand why the links work from a webpage yet do not work from an email viewed on the same pc.


Does any one understand why the blacklist catches the email scenario and not the webpage one from the same PC?

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

How can I get this fixed for her?

Her ISP is BT Internet in the Farnham Surrey area.




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