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Paypal Smart Connect Payment Problem

Everytime I click the link to pay my Paypal Smart Connect bill it goes to an error page that tells me to contact the webmaster at paypal's e-mail address since an internal error ocurred.  I do that and get a response of they can't help me.  my payment is due today and I don't want to get hit with late fees because of this.

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Re: Paypal Smart Connect Payment Problem

I had the same problem. My bill was due yesterday but every time I tried to pay it, I got an error message. I had to pay a day late, and I do not want to pay the late fees they are sure to give me. How can I contact them to remove the fees?

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PayPal_Andy Administrator
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Re: Paypal Smart Connect Payment Problem

branchan and CTee.


Sorry to hear you were having problems making your payments over the weekend.


There was a known issue causing the page to not be found when making payments to PayPal credit products.  It has as of now been resolved, so you shouldn't have any troubles making payments going forward.


I realize this doesn't help with the payments you just made that may have been late; I would recommend contacting the customer service number on your card to discuss any potential late fees.


Hope this helps


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