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hello i would like to ask you about paypal credit ?

how can i get paypal credit?

Volunteer Advisor

Re: mr



PayPal Credit is available for PayPal users in the US and UK.


To get PayPal Credit, it has to be offered to you at checkout. Click it to apply for the credit line on the spot with a quick approval decision.


Or go here to apply:


You may have to complete a few successful transactions with your linked payment methods as a new account holder before PayPal Credit is displayed as payment option for you during checkout or allow a charge go through.


Note that PayPal Credit reserves the right to restrict use of the credit line depending on the circumstances of your purchase. In such cases, it is recommended that another linked payment method be used instead. On a rare occasion, a payment may end up on a linked payment method when PayPal Credit doesn't approve a purchase after you complete checkout so ensure your linked payment methods have the capacity to cover the purchase.



Kudos & problem resolved are greatly appreciated. 🙂