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sending money to Germany account


sending money to Germany account

Does PayPal do the conversion of US to EURO or do I need to figure that out?

I need to send 230 EURO from my US account. How do I go about that?

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Re: sending money to Germany account



If you are buying something you can get them to send you a money request or invoice.

Or click on send money > goods / services > enter the email address of the person you are sending funds to > put in amount > select currency from the drop down list ie euros and then before you click to submit it will tell you how much will be debited from your funding source in dollars.


If its a family / friends transaction then select that option instead BUT do not use that option for goods or you will have no buyer protection.

Read up on buyer protection first so you can risk assess your transaction AND make sure either you or the seller put a FULL description of what you are paying for on the payment information.

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