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Setting up a new account

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Setting up a new account

I have an existing personal PayPal account. 


I'm self-employed, and a customer has asked for the ability to pay me via PayPal. The customer wants a business rather than a personal account to work with. 


Every time I try to set up a new account, the PayPal website is redirecting me back to my personal account. The automated voice service on the Customer Service line is unable to distinguish what I am trying to do. 


How can I set up a new account online?

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Re: Setting up a new account



Why do they need you to have a business paypal account? It matters little to their paypal buyer protection which would be the same.

As long as you send a money request or invoice fully detailing the item/service you supplied then they would have buyer protection.


If you want a business account then you would have to either 'upgrade' your existing one by clicking on the cog icon next to log out and using the upgrade option on the left




you can open another paypal account ie business by clicking to register a business account with a new email address to identify that account.

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