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Charity Doom-Loop

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Charity Doom-Loop

Dear Community


I am the vicar of a Church of England Church in the UK.  All UK churches are charities and we have a charity commission number and I have a copy of the charity commission registration certificate.  You'd think it would be quite easy to get the PayPal business account changed to a charity rated account - but no!  In fact, I have been going round and round in circles since June.  I was wondering if anyone could help.  The latest from PayPal is that they want me to fill out a Letter of Authorisation (LOA) but when I look at this document it asks for my business registration number.  We don't have one of those because we aren't a business.  I've also been asked to provide the names and addresses and dates of birth of all my board members.  We don't have those either - charities don't have a board.  We have trustees but even here things are different for churches.  I've also been asked my position in the company.  Again - what do I say?  I'm a priest - this isn't a company.  And so this continues on and on.  When I do send through my charity registration certificate it seems to be ignored and low and behold I get another email asking me for the names, addresses and dates of birth of my board, my position the company and my business registration document.  I would quite like to call someone to sort all this out, but I can't ever seem to find a telephone number.  Can someone please help!  Many thanks, Nick

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Re: Charity Doom-Loop



Did you select the correct option when you set up your business account?

Read through the link first and see if it helps.

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