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2 Questions regarding paypal fees

New Community Member

2 Questions regarding paypal fees

I am basically just using this account with visa gift cards, though I have a bank account linked to it, I won't be using that through paypal. My question is if I do a purchase through eBay using a gift card, will there still be a fee on the card even though it's not a credit card or drawing from my paypal balance? Because I was hoping to be able to bid all the way up to the balance of one the cards to the last cent on the shipping + list price, as the cards I am using have no fees for use on their own.


Secondly, if that's the case and they do still take a percentage (I'd be interested to know exactly what it is for a domestic sale, 2.9%? 3%?), is it possible to have that percentage fee deducted from another source besides the card I'm paying with?


Thanks for your time.