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Please note, these PayPal products are Country restricted and are not available Worldwide.


Website Payments PRO

PayPal Payments Pro allows you to accept payments with a completely customizable solution. This integration method leverages the PayPal Payflow Gateway to transmit payments to your PayPal Internet Merchant Account; it also gives the merchant the flexibility to change payment processors without having to reconstruct their technical integration.


Is available only in the following Countries:



- Canada

- United Kingdom


Website Payments PRO Hosted Solution

Website Payments Pro Hosted Solutions offers merchants a way to securely accept credit and debit card or PayPal payments without capturing or storing card information on their website. Payment information is collected by PayPal using an in-line frame.


Is available only in the following Countries:


- United Kingdom

- France

- Australia

- Hong Kong

- Italy

- Spain

- Japan


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Check the PayPal Product Availability (by Country Smiley Wink 😞


Anyway, PayPal operates in 202 countries and 25 currencies!


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