MassPay FAQ


What's a Mass Payment?


As the name says, it involves sending payments to multiple recipients in one single go. You can get up to 5000 payments done in one single attempt if you own a Business Account.


You can create, send, and track all of your payments using the Mass Payment feature.


Why would I use it?


  • Distributing Payroll Online/Employee Benefits
  • Distributing Rebate Payments Online
  • Managing Business Payments
  • Tracking and Paying Affiliate Fees
  • Marketplace Payouts
  • Survey Incentives

What I cannot use it for:


  • Selling Products
  • Sending money to family and friends
  • Paying a Merchant for a purchase
  • Purchase of unlock codes


Can I make I mass payment with my PayPal account?


Mass Payment is intended for business users who need to send money to many customers efficiently.


If you’re a Premier account holder, please upgrade to a Business Account and call Business Support to see if your account can enjoy this feature.


How can I make a Mass Payment?


You start by creating a tab or comma delimited file or a spreadsheet that contains the list of e-mails from all payment receivers, payment amount, and currency code.


Next, you fund your PayPal account with the total amount of the Mass Payment, including fees in the currencies you are sending. (Each currency will need to have its own file)


After you upload your file to your PayPal account, you can review and edit your file or add a personal note to each recipient before sending it.


  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Click Tools at the top of the page.
  • Click Mass Payment  and follow the prompted steps to make your payment. If you run into trouble check the "How it works" section on the Mass Payment Overview page.

Which currencies are supported?


You can pay recipients in 22 major currencies.


What else?


  • The payment will be instant.
  • The receivers will not pay a fee, but there is a small transaction fee for the sender.
  • An insufficient PayPal account balance will cause a Mass Payment to fail.
  • You cannot use a debit or credit card to fund a Mass Payment.
  • Individual payments cannot exceed $10,000.00 USD.
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