Cannot register Braintree account


Hi there,

The issue I have is cannot register Braintree account. Because Braintree is now called PayPal Braintree and I truly cannot find the right place in Braintree website to get help, I am going to try my luck here. If this is also the right place to get help, please let me know how I could contact Braintree sales. Thanks.

On Braintree website,, I have tried the contact sales form twice and waited almost 2 weeks and they still didn't contact me.

On the Get Help page, I could not find anything related to the account registration except the same contact sales form link.

I have also searched the community forum and emailed to Braintree Support email. And I got a reply which said that has been deprecated and is no longer actively monitored. Please submit your request via our Help Form, and it will automatically route to the proper team. And that Help Form is the Get Help page of the Braintree website. 

I have even tried PayPal enterprise Contact Sales page,, and I still could not get a feedback.

I think this community could be my last hope.

Please help. 

Thank you very much.

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