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Where do sub-users login?


Where do sub-users login?

With Website Payments Standard I have created additional sub-users of the account with different permissions.  Where do the sub-users login?  The way I see it now the only login is with the initial email and password that was set up when the master account was created. 



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Re: Where do sub-users login?

 Hey CAD1,


The sub-users would use the a user ID (alias) and a password that you have specified for them to log in.


Instead of entering an email address the sub-user would enter their user ID (in the same box that you would enter your email address) and their password. This will give them access to their version of your account.


How this helps you!

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Re: Where do sub-users login?



I have a related issue. I want a sub-user to be able to make a payment on a suppliers website using thier own sub account information when the supplier's website takes them to paypal checkout.


The problem is the sub user account in not in email format and at the login for paypal check out it requires an email address. Also when created a sub user you can not create the user id as an email address.


Is there anyway around this? I do not want to give the user full access and the password from the master account.


In other words, I want them to be able to pay from my account using their login information and only see their version of my account.

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Re: Where do sub-users login?

This only works at the main log in screen. When you are redirected from a website for a paypal payment the log in is required to be in e-mail format and Paypal doesn't allow you to create sub user names with an @ symbol so the main admin log in is the only username and password that will work for these "redirect payments". How are we supposed to log in as sub users from those screens?



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Re: Where do sub-users login?

Thanks that is exactly what we needed to know! Man Happy

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Re: Where do sub-users login?

I have set up a sub-user on my business account, but there is no place to enter in the person's password. I have limited permissions and have a user name, but no place to save a password. Can you direct me in this?