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paypal money hold


paypal money hold

so today I received a purchase of a item I was selling. But the money went to my pending funds instead of straight to my balance any idea why this happened ? I am not new on paypal and am very active with selling stuff and this is the first time this has happen since I was new on paypal.

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Re: paypal money hold



Reasons why you may have returned to the hold as per link above possibly are >>>

1. New seller.
2. Not sold for a while and returned to selling.
3. Dipped star ratings on ebay.
4. Recent buyer disputes.
5. Selling on a different email address or ebay i.d.
6. Suddenly selling a high cost item against normal selling history?

If its none of those then your best bet is to contact Ebay / Paypal customer services to ascertain why.

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Re: paypal money hold

Tried calling couldn't reach an actual representative so just wating on a reply to my email , maybe it's the selling an expensive item now haven't sold one in awhile but isn't any of the other things listed , thanks though