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Payment Holds

New Community Member

Payment Holds

I am a Seasoned seller on eBay. After 10 years with the same PayPal Account I recently needed to open a new one...UGH. How long will they continue to hold payments from buyers. This is getting really annoying! I do lots of sales and need access to my funds. I'm sorry for the rant but I honestly cannot remember how long until they stop.


New Community Member

Re: Payment Holds

My Payments have been held too and I can't seem to get the funds released. I have updated shipping info as suggested by PayPal but the sender hasn't received any intimation to approve the release of funds. 

On the one side, PayPal doesn't have the right to hold our hard-earned funds without intimation. On the other hand, their system is designed to give us the run-around without able to reach customer care(a human being) and god knows how they utilize our funds. I have tried reaching them through all channels(Phone, email, Resolution Center etc) but no help.


I hope to get a resolution at least through this post.