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Bank Account Maximum limit & Only One Deposit

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Bank Account Maximum limit & Only One Deposit



I am new to Paypal and trying to figure this out, but it has become quite a hassle. I tried to link my bank account to my paypal account, but I only received one deposit and one withdrawl. Obviously, this means that I cannot verify my account because Paypal was supposed to send two deposits. I unlinked my bank account and tried again. This only sent me a message saying that my bank accounts were at a maximum limit. This is impossible because I don't have other paypal accounts. Also, I can't pay the fee and transfer money through my card either, because apparently my card doesn't allow transfers.


Please let me know what I can do to solve this issue with my linking my bank account.


Re: Bank Account Maximum limit & Only One Deposit

Hello @Fthao,


Thanks for reaching out! It's not uncommon for banks to combine deposits into one deposit. Not to worry, our Customer Support can confirm your bank for you. While you can perform this over email, if your bank has been removed, our over the phone Customer Support can reactivate your bank and confirm it in one call. 


Good luck!


 - Jon K

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