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Adding funds to resolve negative balance not working


Adding funds to resolve negative balance not working

Hi there,


as the title suggests, I'm having a hard time with resolving a negative balance. I've tried three different credit cards with sufficient funds on it, but PayPal keeps declining all three. Instead, I am constantly shown a message that reads the following: "This transaction failed because we were unable to verify this credit through our card validation process. In order to proceed with your transaction, please select a different funding method or add a different credit card."


I'm not sure on how to progress as I have no other credit card to try resolving the payment with (although I believe 3 different cards with enough funds being declined by PayPal pretty absurd, when I just made a payment yesterday). I hope anyone can help me out or give me some advice. 

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Re: Adding funds to resolve negative balance not working



Ways to clear a negative balance.

1. Transfer funds from your bank account via the add funds function (not a card).

2. The quickest and easiest way is to get a mate or family member to send a payment via the friends / family option. As long as they don't fund it with a card it should be free.

3. Via a card over the phone with paypal.

4. Buy something and Paypal will normally add the debt to that payment during checkout when you authorise the purchase.

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